Video Series: The Women of Machsom Watch

It all started during the Second Intifada. A group of women — concerned about what the occupation was doing to Israel and to the Palestinians — started going out to report to the Israeli public about what was going on in the West Bank.

They quickly learned that their very presence could have an impact on the soldiers’ behavior. And they found themselves able to intercede to assist thousands of Palestinians who struggled to manage their dealings with the military bureaucracy.

Watch these social justice champions explain why they are committed to a better Israel and to human rights.

Nina Sebba

Lea Shkediel

Daniella Yoel

Daphne Banai

Hanna Barag

Raia Yaron

Ronny Perlman

Tami Cohen

Tzipi Ayalon

I want to support Israelis, like the women of Machsom Watch, who stand for human rights and who build a better future.